Course Description


Year:  2016 - 2017



Teacher:  Candace Hall                                                                     Email:



Book/Cost:  Pearson Calculus/$115.00



Course Goals:  Students will study Calculus I and II at a rigorous college level.



Course Description:  This course will complete all topics listed for AP Calculus AB. Additionally, students will study the derivatives and anti-derivatives of functions given in parametric, polar and vector forms. The application of sequences and series to integration, specifically Taylor and Maclaurin series will complete the course. The AP exam is given in May and the $91 fee (as of 2015) for the test is borne by the student.


REQUIRED: Successful completion of Honors Pre-Calculus and teacher recommendation.




  • Semester 1
    • Limits and Continuity
    • Derivatives & their applications
    • The Definite Integral
    • Differential Equations and Modeling
    • Applications of Definite Integrals


  • Semester 2: 
    • Sequences, L’Hopital’s Rule and Improper Integrals
    • Infinite Series
    • Parametric, Vector and Polar Functions



Evaluation:  Your quarterly grade will be broken down as follows:

Tests:                                       45% of grade

Quizzes:                                   25% of grade

Homework:                              10% of grade

AP Sets/Practice:                      20% of grade







Instructional Techniques:

Lectures and note taking




Organizational Skills




Classroom policies/procedures/expectations:

  • Students will work to the best of their ability at all times
  • Students will follow the DHS rules and regulations as defined in the student handbook
  • Students will act respectfully and responsibly at all times
  • Homework will be done daily.