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Dover High School Family Information Update

January 31, 2018

Report cards for Quarter II and Semester I were distributed in Advisory today.  Please note, that where applicable, recommendations for next year’s classes are included.

     Also, in Advisory today students in Grades 9, 10, and 11 received information to help with the course selection process for next year.  It outlines where the Program of Studies can be found on the Dover High School website and specific information on how to sign up for electives with a process for selecting backups.  Beginning February 1 students may begin making appointments with their counselors to complete the course selection process. 

          *Students interested in a CTC Program can apply now on the CTC website and follow up with their counselors for selection of other courses.

          *Questions concerning course recommendations that appear on the Quarter Two report card should be addressed to the specific teacher.

          *Counselors welcome parent questions regarding course selection, requirements, and academic planning.  Pleae reach out to your student’s counselor with any questions

     The Add/Drop period for Semester II ends on Friday, February 2. 

Repeated Information 

Yearbook News:

Reserve your copy of Dover High School's 2018 Yearbook today!!  Order online at; or pay cash/check in Room 328.  

price ..$65.00

     The Dover Police Department wishes to pass along a friendly reminder to both students and parents that the use of any handheld mobile electronic device while driving is against the law.  The use of handheld electronic devices while driving causes significant distractions to the driver and increases your chances of being involved in an accident.  The Dover Police Department strictly enforces all laws pertaining to the Use of Mobile Electronic Device While Driving.

     We ask that you do not stop to drop off or pick up students on Alumni Drive.  We only want students crossing the street in crosswalks.  This practice is dangerous and negatively impacts traffic flow



Peter Driscoll
Dover High School Principal


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