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Dover High School and Regional Career Technical Center Information Update

Wednesday, October 10, 2018

New Information

     Former Chief Justice John Broderick spoke to our student body today concerning the issue of mental health and we encourage you to speak to your student(s) about his presentation.  On Thursday, October 11th he will be speaking to the community at large at 6:30 pm in the Dover High School Auditorium.  More information on this event and other mental health initiatives can be found in the Repeated Information section of this email.  You will also find attached to this email a document which summarizes his presentation and provides resources around the topic.

     The 49th Annual Dover High School Band Show will take place on Saturday, October 13th at 6:00 pm on Dunaway Field.  The rain date is Sunday, October 14th at 6:00 pm.

     Friday, October 12th is “Pink the Wave” Day at Dover High School.  Students are encourage to wear pink to show support to those living with breast cancer and to make a donation to My Breast Cancer Support at lunch.

Repeated Information 

     Progress Reports were distributed in Advisory on Wednesday, October 3rd and are available on the MMS Portal.  We provide a paper copy for students to review with their advisor and to bring home every time we distribute a progress report or report card.  An intervention we are going to try to help students who are failing a class will be to run a grade report again in two weeks and have those students who are still failing a class remain in study hall unless they have a pass from a classroom teacher to receive extra help or go to the library to do research.  This would temporarily limit their access to the learning commons.  Students who raised those grades to passing at the end of the quarter would have that restriction lifted.  A reminder that winter sports eligibility is based on First Quarter Grades and that students must pass six classes to be eligible.

Important Info for Seniors and Parents/Guardians:

     Financial Aid Night for seniors and their parents/guardians will be on October 16th at 6:30 in the Auditorium.  A financial aid representative will review the ins and outs of the financial aid process.  This event is for Seniors and their parents/guardians.

     A second financial aid event will be a fun and interactive presentation by the New Hampshire Higher Education Assistance Foundation (NHHEAF) for seniors during the school day on October 23rd and October 24th.  There will be a presentation once every block for seniors in the auditorium over the course of the two days.  Seniors must sign up in the School Counseling Office to attend one of the presentations.  Sign-ups will begin in October

     Attached to this email is information on a seminar being offered by Families First for students with ADHD/ADD and how to navigate the transition to college to be held Saturday, October 13th from 9:30 to 12:00 pm at their campus located at 100 Campus Drive in Portsmouth.

     Also attached to the email is information to help families navigate changes to the MMS portal.  This will help with accessing the information students and parents need.

     The final attachment provides information about a Destination Imagination program explanation being held on October 15th from 6:30 pm to 8:00 pm in the library at the Dover Middle School.

     We want to thank everyone for their cooperation during morning drop-off and afternoon dismissal as we work to maintain the safety of our students.  We ask that both drop-off and pick-up take place in front of the old high school.  Please do not use the lot in front of the new building or the lot in front of the Bellamy Academy, located across the street from the new building

     Students received a packet of information in Advisory on Tuesday, September 4th that require review, and in some instances, parent/guardian signatures.  We ask that you pay attention to the Emergency Form, making sure that your student’s medical history and contact information has been updated.  The packet also included a Free and Reduced Lunch Form.  This form needs to be returned to make sure your student remains eligible for this program

HI Parents and Teachers!

We need to talk about Mental Health.  In fact, I am going to be so bold and call it MENTAL ILLNESS because that is what it is!

I write to you today because you are one of our parent and teacher groups in this community, offering important support and resources to some of our must vulnerable citizens.

Your work is important!

Please mark your calendar for a series of mental illness educational events taking place in Dover, at the new high school, starting in October.

I want you and your colleagues to join Community Partners and the Public Health Network as we host several opportunities to learn about mental illness, the stigma attached to mental illness, how mental illness and substance mis-use is connected, understanding the five signs of mental illness,

NORMALIZING the conversation about mental illness, bringing mental illness OUT Of the shadows and in to the light. The more we talk about mental illness,  the better folks will feel able to get treatment and not feel like it’s a dirty little secret.

Consider this note the “SAVE THE DATE” and mark your calendar to attend.  Join us for one or all of these events about mental health including:

•          Thursday, Oct 11 @ 6:30pm at the *new* Dover High School. Hear from the former NH Supreme Court Chief Justice John Broderick about his near death by a family member and their story of mental illness and resilience.

•          Thursday, Nov 8 @ 5:30pm in the library of the *new* Dover High School - A Community Conversation, hosted by Dover Listens because YOU MATTER.

•          Monday, January 28 (time and location to be announced) - A storytelling workshop hosted by Dover Listens and Community Partners  and facilitated by professional story teller, Michael Lang.  Everyone has their own story about challenges and resilience. What’s yours?

Please help us spread the word.  Our community needs this information!

Thank you and hope to see you on Oct 11!


Suzanne Weete                                                                  Ashley Ciampa

Community Partners                                                         Goodwin Community Health/Public Health Network    

The Dover Family School Alliance is sponsoring a free viewing of the movie Intelligence Lives produced by award-winning filmmaker Dan Habib on Thursday, October 25th at 6:30 pm in the auditorium at Dover High School.  A brief social gathering will be held beforehand at 6:00 pm.

     The Dover High School Unified Program will be holding its Yes, I Can 5 K on Sunday, November 4th at 11:00 am.  An informational flyer and registration form are attached.  Please consider joining us for this celebration of inclusion in our school community and help raise money for these valuable programs.

Notes from the Yearbook Staff:

Buy a Yearbook

The yearbook staff has started working on the 2019 DHS yearbook and we are excited about documenting the year as it unfolds and publishing a yearbook that will provide memories for years to come.  You can purchase a yearbook for $55.00 online at the link below, or at school in Room 219 with cash or a check payable to DHS Yearbook.  


Senior portraits, baby pictures, and senior biography for the yearbook should be submitted by November 8th.  Please click on the link below which brings you to the Yearbook page of the DHS website and provides detailed information regarding photo requirements, how to submit photos and biographies, and how to purchase a recognition ad.

DHS Yearbook 2019 - Dover High School

Current Notices from Yearbook Staff: Buy your yearbook today!! $55.00* @ Yearbook orders may be made online using the link above, or at school in room 328 with cash or check (payable to DHS Yearbook)


E-mail the yearbook staff if you have any questions

     Transportation- Parent Drop Off- We encourage students to take the bus and car pool to alleviate traffic and delays due to the volume of traffic in the area around morning drop off and afternoon dismissal.  Our proximity to the Dover Middle School and the limited ability of the infrastructure to handle the volume of traffic present at these times makes travel through the Durham Road/Route 108 and Bellamy Road corridors difficult at best.  This situation will at times be compounded by continued construction and demolition activities on the Dover High School campus.  If you are dropping your students off and/or picking them up, you must use Parking Lot A (not the bus access road) in front of the old school.  Because of the temporary nature of the parking lot in front of the new school, students cannot be dropped off or picked up there.  For the safety of our students, students are not to be dropped off or picked up anywhere along Alumni Drive. For Parking Lot A, the entrance is on the Durham Road/Route 108 end of the lot and the exit is on the Bellamy Road end of the lot.

       Transportation- Parking for Athletic and Other After School Events- Parking for events held at Dunaway Field and Bellamy Field is in the Bellamy Lot and the three lots located at the school:  Alternative School Lot, Senior Lot, and Parking Lot A (in front of the old building).  Please be sure to park in marked spaces only to ensure the safety of pedestrians and to allow access for emergency vehicles.


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