Community-Based Field Trips

Our community-based trips are an important aspect of our program. These trips are related to the academic curriculum, service learning, and/or our monthly themes.

When determining eligibility for trips, staff take into account behavior, participation, and attendance. Trips are a privilege! In addition, if students are taking DHS classes, they may not be considered eligible for a trip, due to the importance of attending these classes.

Visit from Chucky Rosa from Chucky's Fight
                Chucky 2

Presentation at Seacoast Kettlebell
                Seacoast Kettlebell
                Seacoast Kettlebell 2

Photographing the King Tide
                King Tide
                King Tide

Wentworth House
                Wentworth House
                Wentworth House

CB Gitty
                CB Gitty

                CB Gitty 2

                CB Gitty 3

                CB Gitty 4

UNH Ocean Discovery Day
                UNH Day 3

                UNH Day

                UNH Day 2